Moods of color


Initially, Le terre di AT was dappled in a vast array of color. It wasn’t only a matter of technique, but of aesthetics, of matching and mismatching colors in unusual ways. It was if every morning Angela dressed her ceramics with colored outfits according to her mood. That was how “MOODS OF COLOR” started. Sometimes the colors are relaxing, sometimes cold or fiery, and sometimes a combination. Red clay is used in this technique. After glazing, by immersing, painting or spraying the pieces, they are fired a second time in the kiln. Everyday objects such as mugs, espresso cups, plates and bowls lend themselves to the changing moods of color.

  • bicchieri prugna
  • tazzine prugna
  • tazzine autunno
  • collezione schizzata
  • bicchieri schizzati
  • collezione turchesi
  • pannelli umore del colore
  • ciotole
  • vasetti