Le Terre di AT

Colors and shapes fill the atelier Le terre di AT where everything is dedicated to the art of ceramics and Raku. The very name Le terre di AT evokes the earth in all its meanings, from the materials used in the clays and enamels, the metallic, volcanic streaks that cut through the color glazes, to the lands of our origins with their traditions and then the unmapped territories of our imagination. At Le terre di AT, nature, contemplation and a quest for balance inspire the creations. Patterns, nuances, streaks of color and organic shapes find expression in sculptures, lamps, vases, bowls, pates and jewelry.

Angela grew up with ceramics in her blood. She is from the Sicilian town of Santo Stefano di Camastra, famous for its brightly colored ceramics and its great resources of clay quarries. While studying in Faenza, she encountered the Japanese Raku technique of ceramics. She decided to merge her classical training with this and other new international trends. Her work continued to evolve for the 12 years she spent in her shop in the artistic neighborhood of San Lorenzo in Rome. Now, in the silence of her new art studio, nestled on a hill outside Rome, she has a new space to create, to exhibit and to exchange ideas in her workshops of modeling, decorating and Raku firing.

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